Stuart The Strawberry (Reversible) - Organic Soft Toy by MyuM


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The Veggie Toys harvest has come! Veggie Toys are coming out of the kitchen garden! One out of three children cannot identify a leek. Junk food has become a public health problem.

Did you know? The strawberry season is between the end of March and June, and some varieties continue to supply the market all summer and then the remnants take over until November.

This toy is reversible. In the shape of a flower, it turns into a strawberry. So the child learns that before the strawberry, Mother Nature produces a small flower.

Dimensions: Length: 04 cm, Width: 07 cm, Height: 15 cm

Weight: 0.08 kg


  • outside, 100% organic cotton
  • inside, 100% cotton flower
  • 1 bell

Maintenance: machine washable (30°)

Nature and food are more than ever, the primordial issues of today and tomorrow. it is our duty to sensitize and educate the next generation about nature and its benefits. Through the MyuM toys, the essential values are carried by a simple notion.

  • MyuM toys are made from organic plant fibre.
  • MyuM respects life and does not use any material from the animal world.
  • Because education has no gender, MyuM toys are created for both boys and girls.
  • Crochet is a technique exclusively manual. It comes from the long tradition of weaving, and for which no machine can replace a human hand.
  • MyuM toys are tested by a European laboratory. All are suitable for children from birth.